posted on Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Magic Fox and Mickey

The family of pets around the house is growing by the day. It used to be only two cats before a ever-hungry mouse started enjoying my food reserves in the cupboard. It seems he has got a taste for exotic food; my japanese curry cubes as well as all kind of japanese sachets seem to be the favourites!
He got so interested in that cupboard that some cheese and a little trap had to be installed... Feel sorry for the little pest but he is just too fond of my food for comfort! This morning another furry friend applied for residency rights... I saw few times foxes moving about in the back garden but they always seemed weary to come close to the house and as soon as they saw somebody around they would run and jump fences but not this one... This morning as I looked out of bedroom window I thought Tiger the ginger cat had some kind of bloating syndrome. I just needed waking up a bit better until I realised that it was the fox peacefully sunbathing and relaxing on the flat roof of the house! She even saw me taking pictures and yet would just smile at the camera without moving an inch... What next I wonder!