posted on Monday, December 07, 2009

Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P.

Finally get a bit of time to write about the best two and a half music hours I have ever had in my life. This was thanks to Tommy Emmanuel one of the most gifted guitar players ever but also on a world of his own when it comes to entertaining an audience. A solo acoustic guitar performance that has everything one would imagine from a great music artist, technically amazing, entertaining, with wonderful acoustic sounds. At over 50 years of age he played with incredible energy, non-stop for a whopping 2 hours and 15 minutes! He was introduced by his backing artist Nick Price who started the concert with a few of his very nice pieces for voice and guitar. Before his last song he said: 'I will play the last song and then...well hell will break lose because you are in for a treat from one of the most talented musicians on this planet'. Talk about raising expectations! Tommy walked on the stage like a child who finally is allowed the time to do what he always wants to do, play with his favourite toy; it took just a few seconds to realise how lucky I was to be there, listening to this guitar genious playing. A quick 'thank you' and in a few seconds as in a trance he jumped into the amazing harmonics of Finger Lakes and for the first time I found myself almost crying from music!!! Click on video to get a feel of that magic.