posted on Thursday, December 03, 2009

Finally Watching the Master Live!

He is not the only one but certainly one of those people that inspired me to take out my guitar, give it a good dust and play it after so many years. Thanks to YouTube, the best music internet site I can think of I got to find out about all those great guitarists and the amazing things they can do to transform sounds and bring to life such a beautiful instrument. Tommy Emmanuel is a bit of a legend at that and anybody who has tried playing guitar and has the luck to see him play is stunned by the skills and showmanship of this man. No wonder he does around 300 concerts each year, probably the only way to achieve such confidence with his instrument. He created his own style following the example of Chet Atkins and tonight I finally am the lucky one to be able to watch him live in concert here in London. Can't wait and after a few days of practice and blisters I managed to put up my humble version of one of his songs that I have been trying to learn!