posted on Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last Day

A few hours left in Dharamsala before boarding a bus to Delhi. A very nice end of the holiday, meeting tibetan people, learning more about their daily struggles and also amazing strength and joy. It started in the morning as I visited the Tibetan Children Village, where most children of refugees and orphans are accomodated and given a education. They live in houses with a foster mother, and a family of other children giving them love and hope for their future. They also do Children Sponsorships where a little money for us goes a long way to provide their necessary needs of maintenance and schooling. I was taken around the village by a lady working in the office and it was both interesting and sad to hear what most of these children had to go through. Later I met Kelsang a very funny and friendly tibetan girl at a cafe on Temple Road. She was so entertaining and her english so good that it was a pleasure to find out more from somebody like her, born in India from tibetan parents. Then a french girl joined in and a somewhat eccentric german man, divorced after 25 years with five children, in search of his soul, in India where else!