posted on Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Dharamsala or better McLeod Ganj

After an interesting bus journey that took most of yesterday, I am finally relaxing in Mcleod Ganj where the Dalai Lama and the exhiled tibetan government lives. This is a tiny village 10 km above Dharamsala perched on a hill with superb views of the valley below. The indian monsoon came in earnest and all last night and today it was a constant rainfall making it a bit hard to explore. Despite this I did visit Gangchen Kyishong where the main monastery and the Dalai Lama residence is located. It was most humbling witnessing the devotion of tibetan people. A old lady was doing her full prostrations on the floor from the time I arrived until I left, maybe two hours later. Also watching the monks doing their traditional debates in the courtyard was quite an experience; With a dance like motion and a clap of their hands they challenge each other's understanding of the Buddha's teachings, sometimes with such conviction that one might think they are having a proper row then suddenly bursting into a good laugh at one's mistake and a pat on each other's back.