posted on Monday, July 27, 2009

Hidden Treasure

I spent a few days with my family in Rovereto and as a way to cool down from the heat of a italian summer I was initiated to the pleasure of 'fresh water dipping' in the Leno river. This is a little river finding its way down from the Pasubio mountains and eventually crossing my hometown of Rovereto before merging with larger Adige. For most of my life I knew that in San Nicolo Valley a well off the beaten track narrow valley just above my hometown there were some good spots for bathing in the river so once my friend Franco mentioned them and how often he had been there I really wanted to find out this well garded secret. After the short car drive to the valley a steep walk down a little path took us to the bank of the smaller branch of the Leno river, and I was soon fascinated by the peace and beauty of that little corner of my town that I had never known. It seems a bunch of enthusiasts have been enjoying spending summer days in this little paradise and keeping it rather to themselves which account for the fact that even my dad, someone that knows most of the surrounding mountains and villages had never been there himself. The water were speeding down in a series of waterfalls and natural pools where if one gets over the initial shock of the freezing cold water, it was just blissful to dive in. The gushing sound of the water, the chorus of crickets the chipping birds and a beautiful blue sky made the rest. Bliss!