posted on Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kotaro Oshio

Finally I was able to see live one of my favourite guitarists and great inspiration Kotaro Oshio (押尾コータロー). His music is a mix of pop, new age, and jazz but foremost incredible skills with the acoustic guitar, a true virtuoso. He became internationally renown after performing a live jam session with B.B. King at the Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2002 after having been granted an audition with one of the organisers who didn't take much time to realise his talent. As a modest but passionate guitarist I couldn't wait to see him live even though not solo but rather as part of a compilation of artists. At the Tokyo International Forum his performance just left me wanting for more, not surprising as he could only perform two pieces. Definitely I cannot wait to one day be able to see him on a solo concert and admire all those amazing skills and original compositions of his. For a taste of what I am talking about what best than one of the most famous tango songs ever written, Libertango have a listen to know what I mean!