posted on Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hoi An

Finally the Vietnam I was hoping to find! Leaving behind the chaos that was Saigon, Hoi and seems even more the peaceful and quaint town that I expected it to be. The war that has destroyed much of this country spared this town, a little jewel where one's eyes are always drawn by fascinating sights. Small temples, traditional merchant houses that have been kept immaculate for centuries, buzzing markets and the many fascinating shops lining every street and selling all kind of interesting things. Shopping was never high on my priorities but here one can't help it but be attracted. Tailors are particularly famous here for producing tailor-made suits for a bargain. I resisted the suit attraction but they still got me for a tailor-made shirt! Such an unusual thing for me to do that it will take some effort not to forget to pick it up when it is ready tomorrow!
I spent the rest of the day cycling around the town and in the evening went to the cultural centre where they had traditional dances as well as a display of crafts such as wood sculpture and pottery. Tomorrow a early wake up call for a day tour of My Son the ancient capital of the kindgom of Champa.