posted on Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cham Island

End of this Vietnam week, waiting for my taxi to the airport I just have enough time for the last entry of this trip. It was a very good end to the holiday, finally making it to a island for snorkeling and enjoying the sea and sun after a long and bleak winter in London. My hopes for a sunny and clear day were repaid by one of the clearest and hottest day of the week, so at 8am I was the last one to be picked up among a dozen of tourists who like me craved for a tropical break. I had wanted to do this since i arrived in Hoi An but sometime the weather sometime the bug seem to conspire against it to the point that I was almost resigned not to be able to do it. The tour guides, funnily enough two out of four were italians who have been living here for a few years, said the visibility for scuba diving and snorkeling was not great on the day but to a novice like me it seemed pretty good to enjoy the nice corals and tropical fishes and a refreshing swim after the heat and sweat of cities and towns during the whole week. After a good hour snorkeling in a bay we were taken always by boat to Paradise Beach a place that was chosen by the american officers as a relaxing place to recover from the strains of battle. This beach was really great especially for the fact that unlike other tropical beaches I have been to in Thailand, it was empty of tourists but for the twelve of us and the few locals managing the restaurant where we had a decent lunch of fish and vietnamese rolls. After lunch a blissful nap on a hammock shaded by coconut trees, the often dreamt image of a desert paradise island. Around two the Gianni of the agency, took us for a hour walk to the only little village on the other side of the island, followed by a boat trip back to Paradise Beach where the larger boat was ready to start the forty minutes ride to mainland Hoi An. All in all a very successful day made more interesting by the good mix of people mostly australians and americans from all walks of life. Tonight a night flight will take me to Tokyo for a further few days by mount Fuji; if I think of how much I have been able to do I can only be thankful for the luck and opportunities to spend time in all these different places. My love for pictures also makes me look forward to the time where i will download them on my computer and relive the memories of a short but intense week spent in Vietnam.