posted on Friday, August 15, 2008

Cotswold Trip

After many years I had a chance to visit the Cotswold for a few days. As I rememebered it from my earlier cycling trip I had lots of expectations from a corner of England that is world famous for its typical rural villages and countryside. Blessed by the weather that is always a big incognito in this corner of the world, I was lucky to spend the few days basking in the sun touring tiny villages that seemed to come right out of a fairytale book. As it is often the case of rural places not so close to big cities it is a little bit like rewinding time and going back to a place and way of life completely different than the reality of large cities and metropolis. Like the places where they live, people seem to adjust to a different tempo; nature is the real clock and it is refreshing for a while, few hours away from London, to suddenly be able to see people that are not continuously rushing from place to place but rather taking their time. Some of the best villages and places I most recommend are definitely Snowshill, Broadway, Stanton, Lavender Hill, Bourton on the Water and the Slaughters.

Have a look at the pictures!