posted on Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thailand Trip

...or should I rather say 2551, the year according to the buddhist calendar used in Thailand. Anyway I made it to Bangkok with an uneventful flight was it not for a mistery 'farter' that with a swiss regularity kept the cabin nicely warm and scented! I was sitting near 2 spanish brothers who were so much into kite flying that they were travelling all the way here to attend a kite festival. I found out all kinds of fascinating stories such as the existence of competitions where a 'male kite' and a 'female kite', fight in the air. He was so enthusiastic about the all thing that he gasped as he sadly admitted how actually 'female kites' win most of the times. As the plane landed the two brothers were having bets on who was the farting culprit. I said it was just as well they told me because he himself was leading my list of suspects! Will never know even though he was pretty sure that gas was coming from the row just in front. Out of the airport I was well prepared to being hassled with offers and directions as the guide mentioned. There was quite a bit of that from my first impression but nothing like Delhi. They should really all go there and learn how it is properly done! I followed my guide suggestion to find a cheap room in a good location. Location was good, cheap it was, room...not very much so. It would take some of London's most talented estate agents to find some selling points. I just hope the wobbly fan will hold on to the ceiling for a couple more nights. Tomorrow proper sightseeing starts!