posted on Monday, March 17, 2008

Rest of Thailand!

Already returned from Thailand, the rest of the holiday went unreported but is still impressed in my memory. After a brief return to Bangkok, I spent the rest of my days in the southern town of Krabi, on the Andaman Sea. It had come recommended by most people I spoke to yet it exceeded my expectations. Not only it proved the ideal starting point to visit the islands I so much wanted to see but it also turned out to be a wonderful place by itself. The landscape in this part of the country was spectacular, fertile tropical plains interrupted by hundreds of rocky steep hills and a wonderful coast of sandy beaches and clear sea. Krabi's night market by the port, was the ideal location to end each day, a place where the otherwise quiet town would come to life as crowds hovered around the dozens improvised kitchen to taste all kind of local delicacies. How not to mention the islands the emerald colour of the sea, a whiter sand than I had ever seen. As I left I couldn't help but wonder when I will next come again.

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