posted on Tuesday, April 06, 2004

San Francisco

Yesterday at 16.50 local time I first landed on a different continent, America. As a kid all the dreams I had of once visiting the US came true. The anxiety of travelling alone somewhere unknown and far gave way to the excitement as soon as the plane touched down in Detroit. Reaching customs I managed to convince the customs officer that my plans were harmless and after the suspicious questions it was nice to hear him say, “you are going to like it”. Another agent questioned the content of my huge box but was far too friendly to even want to open it. To my relief the box made it over the Atlantic with hardly a scratch. Up it went to the connection flight to San Francisco and made it. I got to the hotel at 22.00 and managed to assemble the bike. Hardly anyone passing by was not at least making a friendly remark and made me feel almost at home in a place I have never been over 10000 km away from home! I just finished my first American breakfast, including bagels, muffins, eggs and bacon and a syrup whose calories would not fit on the label! Well better be getting ready to pedal my first 100 Km in the US heading to Santa Cruz.