posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Today I joined the crowds of middle aged bike tourers who flock to the Drauweg. This together with the famous Donauweg is a cycling route following the river Drau from its sources in Italy all the way through Austria and Slovenia. The 80 km between Spittal and Lienz were really entertaining and gentle. The path alternates tarmac to gravel following the river bed through quaint villages and pine forests. That is where all the cyclists I did not see in the last few days were and somehow I now understand why; no 20% grades here! The weather deteriorated and an hour before Lienz a fine drizzle started putting off my camping plans. I followed Lonely Planet suggestion instead finding a room in Haus Egger where the guide says 'you eat breakfast with the family and will be plied with food until you beg for mercy!' Bikers paradise. The old lady is extremely nice offering her help to dry my clothes with her spin dryier. Tomorrow forecast is not too good I will certainly pray they got this one wrong.