posted on Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cortina d'Ampezzo

The day could not start better. At breakfast with Frau Egger I also met Greg and his girlfriend. They were a couple from Australia on a six months round the world tour. It revived my frustrated ambition for a long break doing the same! WE talked about their travelling and as they were heading towards the italian Dolomites I gave them some directions and tips for areas not to miss. I then joined the Drauweb once more to the italian border where rain started to fall. A roof could not have been better placed and it kept me dry for an hour of downpour. Despite the dark clouds looming ahead I was able to push on and bike all the way to Cortina passing through the mountain bliss that are the Dolomites. Riding through those towering rocky peaks was an unforgettable experience and for a while I thought I might not make it so many were the times I just had to stop to take one more snap shot of the unfolding beauties. To end a good day I raised my tent in the great setting of Cortina campsite spread around a forest of pines.