posted on Friday, June 10, 2005


After visiting my teacher birthplace in the light of the morning as well as her primary school I began cycling along one of the many 'Weinstrasse' heading south in a borders bonanza; within 30 km east was Hungary, south was Slovenia, and south west Italy. The first half of the day was rather flat was it not for those sudden 20% steep ramps climbing hills in a sudden burst; it would have been nice to fit in a few switchbacks to make the all experience a bit gentler on my legs and much more enjoyable. The wind was also challenging my progress head on! At a certain stretch where gusts were reducing my pace to a slow motion slog only looking at a bird clumsily attempting to fly put a smile on my face. The tiny little thing was frantically flapping his wings trying to fly against the strong gusts of wind; as he was not moving an inch forward it seemed more an effort to stay put and cling to Austria rather than end up exiled in Slovenia or Hungary. Unlike me no effing sounds or complaints just flapping the hell out of his wings! The lanscape after St Veit became much more interesting with forests and higher hills breaking the monotonous plains. Lots of nice villages too like St Veit itself and Gomlitz. For a while I thought I was on a movie set too. I was sharing the road with little traffic all consisting of Vespa motorbikes of all vintage and sort converging in a raid in a village nearby. After 110 km after Eisenwald I spotted an ideal pitch for my tent in an open field.