posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2005


A beautiful day of riding where my planned route has been ditched due to unforseen bad weather conditions and mighty steeper than I can handle grades! I left Afritz and could really appreciate the splendor of this quiet mountain lake. The approach to the Nockberge National Park was rather flat but once I turned into the park itself the road began climbing with no mercy for my weary legs. Little did my map inform me that I would be climbing two cols just over 2000 metres. The ride with all the weight I was carrying was hard going but with the backdrop of nature at its best. Big mountains all around, brooks and great expanses of pines. Hard to forget such vistas in what is certainly the most scenic spot visited sofar. Half way up the first mountain I stopped for lunch and siesta and met Margit who was on her second day of a week solo trekking. She was having a hard time with her new shoes and old blisters on her feet. With my pain in the rear I suggested a swap to give eachother aching bits a rest. After the second col I was really not able to climb much more and seeing what lay ahead made me change my ill planned route. My map mentioned another 800 metres climb with grades reaching 21%! Sorry for all these rants but I would put all those engineers who planned these roads on a bike and let them pedal up their walls! This means that the Grosslockner will have to wait another tour maybe with an engine in the meantime the Dolomites will be enough a treat in the next few days.