posted on Friday, October 01, 2004


Another amazing day of cycling on the roads of Provence. I left the campsite with the omen of a clear blue sky and Mont Sainte Victoire's rock faces alight in yellow ochre. Route 17 along the valley was the nicest ridden so far, imagining Cezanne staring at the same views in search of inspirantion. It is narrow with hardly any traffic, cyclists paradise. I descended to Aix en Provence where inspired by those landscapes I headed to the 'Atelier Cezanne' the original house that was the painter's workshop. I managed to snap a few pictures despite the big signs forbidding it. After Aix I began the long straight of D17 riding through Eiguilles all the way to Salon de Provence. Worried about the state of my back wheel and without a properly functioning rear brake I found a shop willing to do the job in an hour. This gave me the time to sort out the key problem and finally forget about that. I reached Eyguieres thinking today I had seen it all when I took D25 the 'route de Baux'a scenic road along the 'Alpilles' mountain range. This was another outstanding ride uphill first and then downhill with great views of the craggy mountains and through forests of pines turning the road into a green tunnel of nature. This took me to Maussane where I found a good campsite to spend the night. Tomorrow is Van Gogh day as I am now only 10km from St Remy de Provence the mental hospital where he lived and painted in the last year of his life. Weather forecasts are still going my way!