posted on Monday, October 04, 2004

Sainte Croix

I left early at 8.30 and I could for the first time feel the chill of early mornings. I followed a tiny route the D12 going through Fontienne and St Etienne. The first 5 km were uphill through dense woods and no souls apart from few hunters here and there. It made me a bit weary of being mistaken for game and turned into their lunch! The road all the way to St Etienne and down to Mallefougasse was great, full of twists and turns. Missing a turn taking me down to Les Mees I ended up at the bottom of the valley and had to take N85 back down to Mees adding 15km. The reason I had come this way was to see the 'rochers de Mees', granite formations rising steep to the sky. Worth the detour. I followed the Durance heading south on D4 and reached the left turn to Valensole where the road again ended being ordinary. At first it climbed about 5km and from then on it was a roller coaster of ups and downs with nice views all around until Riez. A short flat ride from there took me above Ste Croix where I could see the great panorama of the lake down below.