posted on Wednesday, October 06, 2004

St Paul de Vence

Having covered most of the tour I had planned all is left is two leisurely days approaching Nice where I will have 2 days to spare before the return flight. I left later than usual aiming to cover just 65 km. The start was brought quickly to a halt by some bad karma that made a pin dropped on the road find a sweet spot on my tyre! It pierced it so well that had I not removed it no air would have leaked and I might have made it to St Paul at the rythmic beat of metal. Repaired the tyre and another one punctured few days before I followed the 'Route de Napoleon' through some pretty deserted places, climbing three successive cols the highest being the 'Col de la Valferriere' at 1169m. There I took a right turn on a charming road going through Mons and Faience, a road I had previously ridden in the opposite direction few years back. Another provencal bike heaven in a one lane road and hardly any traffic. I stopped at Mons a typical old village perched on a hilltop, had lunch on the square with grand views dominating the valleys and mountains all around. I proceded to Faience and ended the day in St Paul en Foret where I found a campsite in a farm, cheaper than traditional campsites but surprisingly of almost better quality. Surrounded by fields of olive trees it seems the quietest place on earth. At night one could really hear what silence means before nature wakes up in the early morning at the first cockrel's crows.