posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2004


A good flight to Nice apart from the small glitch of having lost my jumper with home keys at Luton Airport! This means that I have 12 days to sort the problem out before some pretty cold nights out back in London! At 16.00 local time we landed and by 17.00 ( I am getting better at this ) I had set up all my gears and was ready to go. After the usual getting lost in the wilderness of suburban Nice road system and sharing 3 lanes with maniac drivers I finally found route national 98 the road following the seashore of the Cote d'Azur. For the next 12 km to Antibes traffic was still pretty heavy but after Cap d'Antibes it is like awakening from a bad dream. The scenic road becomes narrow, traffic disappears and one can take in the first nice views of the sea. Mediterrenean pines and eucalyptus scent the air of a fragrant perfume, another world from the noise and bustle of big cities. Reaching Cannes I bought some groceries and as dusk was quickly setting looking for a campsite prooved harder than I thought. As I was getting quite desperate and resigning to 'tramp mode' and a wild pitch any old where I finally saw a big camping site at La Bocca right after Cannes. I set up my tent in complete darkness and ate the remaining Madeleines cakes for dinner crushing at an early hour!