posted on Tuesday, August 03, 2004


No tent to pack this morning so I made the most of it and left early at 7.30 ready to tackle the long climb to Furkapass in the cool breeze of the morning and with less traffic. The sky was clear and the ride really entertaing with great sceneries and lots of switchbacks to catch one's breath! After 22km following the Rhone all the way to its source I was on top of the 2nd highest climb in Switzerland at 2431m. A brief stop for a picture and then I started the steep descent to Andermatt testing the brakes of my loaded bike. The valley was quite narrow with steep slopes covered with pines. Andermatt at the bottom was a very picturesque mountain village. I thought I might have a lunch break there but feeling good I opted for only a quick stop at the local delicatessen instead where I had a nice apple tart to give me the strengh to climb the Oberalppass another over 2000m! A bit tired from the first climb I still managed to cover the 12 km by 1.15pm. I stopped for lunch at the top overlooking the artificial lake and mountains all around. I ended the day with a long descent to Trun where nice and early I set camp and had a most deserved shower. Again today I must have met over 20 tourers but all going the other way. I figured out I am far to slow to catch anyone in front yet not slow enough to get caught!