posted on Monday, August 02, 2004


Left the camping site at 9.00 heading to Brig along the Rhone Valley; this would be probably the most boring 40km of this trip. The main road to Brig is a series of very long straight, not very interesting. It got better for the last 10km where I found a cycle route along the river. While in Sierre people seemed to be confused as to whether they should speak french or german as I went along they seemed to have made up their mind and opted for german! A few stern looks and german answers to my french questions made me adopt a more neutral stance and use my english instead. No more stern looks but hardly any answer! A quick stop at Brig looking for a fountain to cool down in the heat of midday. Water bottles reloaded I went further to a nice little village called Morel where I had a break for lunch and a nap on a bench in the cool shadow of a large tree. I began the long approach to the Rhone sources of Furkapass but soon after Fisch dark clouds gave way to thunders, rain and hail and only a timely cover under the eaves of a house on the road kept me dry. Luckily in half an hour it all changed and a light drizzle and broken clouds let me ride on. I reached the beautiful valley of Goms where each village seems an ideal setting of an alpine fairy tale with all tiny houses built with timber. I reached Ulrichen where a quick tour of the wet grounds of the campsite made me opt for the comfort of a room instead. Another great day!