posted on Thursday, April 15, 2004

Muir Woods

As I had planned I spent one day cycling to Muir Woods across the Bay in Marin County. Lydia a german girl I met at the hostel also liked bike touring and was regretting the fact that she did not take her bike here so she joined me by renting one for the day. We crossed Golden Gate bridge, headed towards Sausalito and Mill Valley where a maze of tiny roads immersed in dense woods gently climb on the hills of Mount Tamalpais. Very much a biker's paradise! We met a local 'bike preacher' who was so passionate about the area and cycling that he said he felt showing us the best roads around was his duty like preaching the Gospel! So he cycled with us for about 30 minutes getting us on the right track and convincing us that this was the best place in the world for cycling.
We eventually got to Muir Woods admiring another display of giant redwood groves. After that we decided to be adventureous and explore the off road trails, birthplace of mountain biking. Miwook, Bobcat and the Coastal trail made it a memorable ride of course as it often happens longer than we thought. Towards the end climbing the Coastal trail we were repaid by a descent with breathtaking views of Golden Gate bridge and the ocean always in front of our eyes. We had dinner at the hostel where the old man in charge was so funny that he more than made up for the lousy food. We met Steve an english guy travelling the world for three months and looking forward to get back to England as he was a bit fed up in his own company!
We ended the day with a local beer in a North Beach bar. The night was great fun but little sleep. Two snoring champions were having a competition in our dorm and it almost came to blows when the noisiest of the two stormed out of the room shouting in the corridor and asking the night staff to call the police and get the other guy removed as he did not let him sleep well enough!